Jude Yovel Recanati

Jude Yovel Recanati
"Being a daughter in a philanthropic family is a great privilege, but equally as great a commitment and responsibility. Giving does not necessarily mean handing out funds. Being attentive to the other, listening to the other’s needs, are the most wonderful gifts we can provide each other in a society groaning under the weight of its growing disparities."
Jude Yovel Recanati


Investor, entrepreneur and social activism leader, serving as founder and active chairperson of “Gandyr Group” which she established in 2004 together with her husband, the late Dr. Israel (Rolly) Yovel z”l.

The Group integrates extensive business activities with philanthropy. Jude believes in ESG investments having environmental, social and economic value. Jude focuses on investing in Israel, and manages global financial portfolios. Gandyr Foundation, the philanthropic entity, was established out of a wish to assist in reinforcing Israeli society while focusing on nurturing and supporting civil social organizations and with the objective to develop the next generation’s giving and familial involvement. Jude, who lives in Herzliya, is a photography buff, loves culture and art, actively promotes young Israeli artists, is a mother to three daughters, Daria, Noa and Gili, and grandmother of nine.

Natal Founder and Chair

In 1998 Jude, together with the late Dr. Yossi Hadar z”l, founded NATAL, the Israel Trauma and Resiliency Center, supporting victims of trauma due to terror and war in Israel. The organization’s goal is to be a multidisciplinary rehabilitative treatment center for people suffering from trauma and their families. It works to improve their quality of life and promotes care for, prevention of, and public awareness about, trauma.

Active in additional organizations

  • Founding member of the administrative committee
  • Jewish Funders Network
    Board member
  • יכולים נותנים - התנועה לקידום
  • אריה יהודה ישראל | Lion of Jud
    Organization member
  • מדעטק - המוזיאון הלאומי למדעה, טכנולוגיה וחלל, חיפה
    Friends of Madatech member
  • מוזיאון ישראל, ירושלים
    Member of the Acquisitions Group

Member of the Board of Directors

  • קרן יהל - ליאון רקנאטי
    member of the Board of Directors
  • אוניברסיטת תל אביב
    member of the Board of Trustees

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Rappaport Prize awarded for Women Generating Change in Israeli Society 2017 (Hebrew)

About Natal's Story 2015

Israel President’s Award for Volunteerism 2008 (Hebrew)

Awards, Prizes & Acknowledgments

  • 2018
    Appears in the book “24/7 - Inspiring Israelis” by Lehman and Refaeli, as one of the inspiring women
  • 2017
    Rappaport Prize for Women Generating Change in Israel. For arousing inspiration
  • 2015
    Haifa University: The Forum of CFOs
  • 2015
    Ben Gurion University: Honorary Doctorate
  • 2014
    IDC Herzliya: Honorary Colleague
  • 2013
    Tel Aviv University: Honorary Doctorate
  • 2012
    Scouts Commendation
  • 2012
    Tel Hai College: The Resilience Award
  • 2008
    Israel President’s Award for Volunteerism
  • 2005
    Minister of Health Shield for Volunteer Excellence
  • 2005
    Tel Aviv Mayor Award for Volunteer Excellence
  • 2005
    One of the 50 Most Influential Women in Israel
  • 2004
    National Council for Social Development, Mark of Honor for founding NATAL.
  • 2004
    Social Activism Entrepreneur Competition runner up award