The Index of Civic Participation by Young Adults in Israel

What do we mean when we refer to “civic participation” and how’s it connected to Gandyr Foundation’s activities?

Over time, the Gandyr Foundation has identified disparities in understanding and interpreting this term among a large number of populations, with just as much difficulty in transposing the concept into concrete activities.
Based on Gandyr Foundation’s strategy, we’ve linked countless young adults organizations to the Israel Volunteer Network and additional young adults organizations. Together, we consolidated the index, which assists in defining the meaning of the term, mapping the arenas and modes of action which can be counted as civic participation, and helps organizations hone their results oriented activities.

The values underpinning the Civic Participation Index

  • Respect for each woman and man

    Respect for each woman and man

  • Equal opportunity

    Equal opportunity

  • Solidarity and belonging

    Solidarity and belonging

  • Democracy


  • Courage and responsibility to instigate change

    Courage and responsibility to instigate change

Gandyr Foundation’s activities together with those of the Israel Volunteer Network in general, and the process of developing the civic perception presented here in particular, grew from an outlook founded on the values described below. This outlook and the accompanying values are Gandyr Foundation’s first touchstone when it comes to evaluating effective civic participation.

  1. Respect for each woman and man. Acknowledging the value of each person, the sanctity of their lives, and their freedom.
  2. Equal opportunity. The right of each person to equal opportunities for self- and financial realization, without linkage to their personal background.
  3. Solidarity and belonging. The fabric of relationships that connects each person to a broad group of people marked by empathic feelings and behaviors, and mutuality.
  4. Democracy. Preserving the method of governance in which citizens can influence the nature of government by voting for various representatives and institutions and in which minorities’ rights are maintained.
  5. Courage and responsibility to instigate change. The personal responsibility, right and obligation of each individual to lead or be part of efforts towards improving and advancing issues relating to the society in which she or he lives.