The Gandyr Group is investing and acting according to values of equality, accessibility and professionalism to all.
The Group is acting to promote the topic of accessibility as it’s defined by law and regards people with disabilities as equal rights members of society.

The Website’s Accessibility
The Gandyr Group has acted to make the pages on the website satisfactory to all of the Level AA Success Criteria, in accordance with the recommendations of the Israeli standard (IS 5568) for access to content on the Internet which is the equivalent of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines of the World Wide Web Consortium (WCAG) 2.0, document.

It is important to note that in spite of the group’s efforts to provide access to all pages and components on the site, it may be that there are certain parts or capabilities that are not accessible yet. The group continues its efforts to improve the accessibility of the website as part of its commitment to enable its use to the entire population.

If while browsing the site you have encounter a problem with accessibility, please notify us and we will take care of it as soon as possible.
If you encounter an accessibility problem while surfing the site, we will be happy if you report it to us in one of the following ways:
Phone: +972-9-9558999

Physical Accessibility
Gandyr Group’s offices are accessible

The Accessibility Declaration was modified on 18th March 2021