Vision and Strategy

Gandyr Foundation is shaped around a family vision in which the family’s members are partners in leading, shaping and consolidating the nature of the foundation’s activities. The family invests its resources to benefit this shared vision.

Saloniki, Greece, in the 1930s, is when the multi-generational chain began. It’s what enables the vision to come to fruition, to take a long strong look at the future, and to now include the fourth and fifth generations of the family in Israel, led by Jude Yovel Recanati and her daughters.

יודי יובל רקנאטי ובנותיה

Gandyr Foundation chose to focus on the field of young adults in Israel.

The period defined as “young adult” is from 18 to 30 years old. It is a period marked by tremendous challenges and opportunities.

The young generation is the generation of current and future citizens and leaders. Israeli society’s prosperity and growth in the social, economic and environmental areas over the coming years requires relating to these challenges and the unique possibilities open to this age group.

Gandyr Foundation strives to expand and professionalize the field of young adults in Israel. Deep long term and meaningful change first of all requires support of those civic social organizations leading value based social activism. Gandyr Foundation encourages creating an “economy of solutions” for young adults in Israel, from a network linking all professional organizations involved in the field and across all sectors towards cooperating to create the platforms and optimal solutions with, and for, young adults.


Guiding principles

  • Activities to promote policies benefitting young adults.
  • Promoting collaborations and encouraging linkages between the various parties involved in the field of young adults as a way of expanding activism.
  • Aiming to expand sources of funding in the field, including recruitment of philanthropy, government, local authorities, and creating yield producing sources of income.
  • Embedding and driving innovation and breakthrough solutions based on the long term future outlook while accessibilizing academic and practical knowledge and knowhow in Israel.
  • Setting high results based professional standards. investing in infrastructures and professionalizing organizations together with support for programs and projects with calls for joint action and participation.

The C.L.I.F. Model


Encouraging and supporting inter- and intra-sectoral collaborations and coalitions, including creating an infrastructure of knowhow for managing networks and collaborations

Learning and infrastructure development

Developing knowledge and knowhow infrastructures which are accessible, relevant, and include creating specialization among relevant professionals


Establishing an infrastructure to support the growth of innovative models which aim to create relevant and developing knowledge


Increasing sources of financial support for the field from philanthropy, business, government and income yielding sources

Impact investments

Gandyr Foundation believes that Gandyr Group’s investments, whether philanthropic or business, must share values.  In recent years a significant development has taken place in the world of impact investments. At Gandyr Foundation, we also defined designated investments with measurable social and / or environmental impacts.

The group’s portfolio undergoes a process of ranking to match the group’s values as formulated by the philanthropic vision: innovation, diversity, social mobility, realizing personal potential, partnership and collaborations between the group’s specializations in hi-tech, startups, energy, real estate, industry, and management of global investment portfolios. This correlation manifests the family’s wish to use all resource at hand towards advancing the world we want to live in, and that which we leave to our future generations.

Out of the belief that sharing ideas and shaping a uniform language will advance the efficacy of sustainable solutions, Gandyr Foundation has adopted the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG) with particular emphasis on the following objectives: