For Gandyr Foundation, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The foundation therefore believes that collaborative and coordinated action by civil social organizations working in the same field or with the same population can lead to meaningful, important change in addition to the impact created by each of the individual organizations. Effective joint action requires a stable operational infrastructure with a long term perspective. This is why Gandyr Foundation supports intersectoral forums and views them as significant platforms for strengthening the field of young adults in Israel.

Forums supported by the Gandyr Foundation

Nirot – Forum of Young Women NGOs

The forum seeks to promote and empower young women by applying tools geared to changing policies, creating platforms for advancing their professionalism in the field, and accessibilizing information to young women and women employees.

Forum of Organizations for Young Adults At Risk

The forum aims to create solutions for young adults at risk and encourage the development of professional knowledge and tools among professional teams and organizations.

Forum of Alumni Organizations

This forum is a platform for consulting with and learning from colleagues. The forum’s goal is to promote and encourage professional collaborations among organizations in the field of civic activities as a way of creating meaningful social change.

The Council of Task Based Groups and Communities in Israel

The Council strengthens Israel’s social fabric by assisting and developing movements, organizations and networks of task based communities throughout Israel, with emphasis on the geosocial peripheries.

Young Adults of Israel – Young Adults Centers Network in Israel

The umbrella organization encompasses over 100 young adults centers, works to position the issue of young adults on the public agenda, and create relevant responses for young adults in Israel.

Co-Impact: The Partnership for a Breakthrough in Arab Employment

The partnership is focused on advancing employment for young adults in Israel’s Arab sector through activities, policy shaping and developing tools to jointly promote this sector.

The Forum for Promoting of Civic-National Service

The forum aims to advance National Civic Service as a social norm in Israel, with emphasis on disadvantaged populations based on the understanding that volunteerism advances equal opportunity and social mobility.

Forum of Young Adults Employment Organizations

The forum seeks to link organizations operating in the field in the area of employment and the decision makers towards developing relevant, precise, creative and effective responses for coping with the crisis faced by Israel’s young adults.

Civic Leadership
Supporting and Encompassing Forums

The umbrella organization for associations involved in civic society and the third sector in Israel, it deals with joint lateral issues and leads intrasectoral processes to strength civic society.