Philanthropic Infrastructures

As a family with a very long history of giving, we frequently delve into the question of what is our, and philanthropy’s, role in shaping Israel. From the moment that our family foundation was established, we invest time and resources in developing philanthropic, practical, and strategic perceptions of optimal and meaningful giving.

Across all our years of activity, we continue learning about family models from around the world, examining diverse giving strategies, participating in workshops and conferences, leading joint ventures with additional philanthropic organizations in Israel and internationally, and taking an active part in leading organizations in the world of philanthropy.

Philanthropic groups in which we are active

Membership and support of JFN

The Jewish Funders Network was set up in 1988 in the USA by a group of Jewish philanthropists who wished to encourage quality philanthropy by creating a platform of cooperation, action and learning. JFN Israel was established for the purpose of allowing Israeli donors and philanthropists a chance to exchange ideas about their philanthropic involvement and expand their areas of giving.

JFN Young Adults Forum and “Next Generation” Program

The Next Generation Program incorporates a group of young donors representing the future generation of capitalists in Israel. The group deals with their integration into philanthropic ventures and the dilemmas they are facing. The Next Generation program operated for three years, and following a hiatus and significant growth in the organization’s participants, was reopened in 2017. The Young Adults Forum is a “chapter 2” for many of the Next Generation Program’s graduates. Meeting on a quarterly basis, the forum is a unique space where JFN’s young community can acquaint with and discuss its specific issues.

Forum of Foundations membership and involvement

Established in 1988 by several philanthropic foundation managers, the forum currently numbers 83 member organizations with representatives in Israel. The forum allows professionals to meet and suggest opportunities for learning and sharing knowledge and ideas.