Investment Portfolio

Gandyr’s portfolio of investments ranges from early stage technology ventures to stable & sustainable companies within the Industrial, Infrastructure and Renewable Energy.

Industrial & Infrastructure investments

N.R. Spuntech Industries
Traded at TLV stock exchange (TLV: SPNTC)

Spuntech was founded in 1996 and is traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. The company develops, manufactures and supplies non-woven fabrics and innovative products for the personal care industry, including make-up removal wipes, baby wipes, abrasive fabrics for gentle peeling, soap impregnated facial wipes, face care wipes, sanitary towels, home and industry-use fabrics for cleaning surfaces, windows, bathrooms, and industrial facilities, and other custom-made products.

Haifa Group
(לשעבר חיפה כימיקלים)

Haifa develops and produces a wide range of specialty plant nutrients. Our premium products provide optimized plant nutrition, and proven added value of high efficiency, crop-suitability, and purity. Our solutions enable application convenience, assure environmental friendliness and maximize yields from given inputs of land, water and plant nutrients, under diverse farming practices. Haifa owns four production facilities in Israel, France, US, and Canada. We believe that sharing agronomic knowledge helps growers across the globe gain full benefits from their crops.
Haifa Group prioritizes the sustainability issue and leads extensive activities to create a sustainable environment, economy and society.

Gencell Energy
Turned public at Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange on Nov 2020 (GNCL.TA)

GenCell develops unique fuel cell solutions that offer clean power for humanity. This breakthrough enables Gencell to provide the first viable green primary power solution for off-grid and poor-grid telecom as well as rural electrification—at a cost less than diesel solutions. The company has turned public at Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange on Nov 2020 (GNCL.TA).

Pointer Telocation
M&A through PowerFleet Inc (NASDAQ: PWFL)

Pointer Telocation Ltd. is a leading provider of telematic services and technology solutions for Fleet Management, Mobile Asset Management and Internet of Vehicles. it was acquired by I.D. Systems, Inc. to create a global Industrial Internet of Things company named PowerFleet® Inc (NASDAQ: PWFL).

A world leader in automation and robotics management solution for solar plants

Ecoppia is a pioneer and world leader in automation and robotics for large-scale solar, offering cloud-based, connected platform and a suite of robotic solutions for smart management of solar plants.
The company has turned public at Tel Aviv Stock Exchange on Nov 2020 (TASE: ECPA).

Marom Energy
Renewable energy and Medium sized solar projects

Marom Energy is a company that develops renewable energy projects and incorporates medium-sized solar facilities based on roofs in various regions across Israel.

BOL Pharma
Breath of Life

Breath of Life Pharma (BOL Pharma) specializes in medical cannabis, drug development, and CBD APIs, since 2008. The company operates across the industry’s value chain, from growth to finished product, adhering to strict regulatory standards, including Global GAP, GMP, FDA, and EMA. The company’s products include dried cannabis flowers, sublingual tablets, and medicated drops with different cannabinoid ratios designed to meet a variety of medical needs and indications.

Odem Solar
Small-sized Solar Panel Projects

Odem Partnership is a total reservoir of roof-based solar facilities with a total capacity of 3 megawatts. The partnership was managed by RES Group (Marom Energy).
The Partnership and its total projects were sold during 2017.

Abraham Group
An Impact Investment

Abraham tourism group is an independent tourism chain, which has led a significant change in the Israeli tourism world, and has created a groundbreaking, strong and unique international brand.
The group’s entrepreneurs’ vision "to translate the heritage of our forefather Abraham into tourism and hospitality in the 21st century", is reflected within its original four Israeli hostels (Nazareth, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Eilat) followed by 3 additional worldwide facilities and a travel company - offering a collaborative atmosphere and uncompromising level of hospitality while presenting a diverse face of the entire region to hundreds of thousands of tourists a year.
The company implements a concept of "sustainable tourism": creating positive change in the environment in which it operates through profitable business activity, while promoting causes and values that are important to the company, like social and political activism which creates meaning for employees, customers and suppliers, strengthening the company's resilience and ability to overcome crises.

Shagrir Group
Traded at Tel Aviv stock Exchange (SHGR.TA)

Shagrir Group Vehicle Services Ltd is an Israel-based company, which provides towing, rescue and roadside assistance since 1984. The Company provides its services to insurance companies, insurance agents, and to the general public. the Company operates service centers, which handle vehicles after an accident, specialized in car body repair and painting, as well as offers a replacement car. it is traded at Tel Aviv stock Exchange (SHGR.TA).

Tower Vision
השקעת IMPACT

Tower Vision is a tower management company offering passive infrastructure to the telecoms industry on a multi-tenancy basis. Founded in New Delhi in 2006, Tower Vision is a subsidiary of Fore Group Management & Investments Ltd. Tower Vision operates in 16 telecoms circles with 4,800 towers.

K.B Recycle Industries
Polyethylene recycling and production

K.B recycling is trading in REpro plastic, scrap plastic, paper, cardboard, metals and textile. Our Polyethylene sheets products are 100% made by recycling of post consuming plastics recovered from domestic and agricultural waste. The company is based in Israel, providing a whole package of environmental services, from collection, sorting and recycling.

FRE' Skincare

FRÉ is the first facial skincare product line created and formulated especially for women who workout. FRÉ is using the natural power of the Argan Tree products and especially formulated for skin that sweats: SPF 30, non-comodogenic (won't clog pores), ultra-light texture, sweat-resistant, ophtalmologically tested, fast absorption, and a refreshing scent.

Technology Investments

Leading eCommerce Marketing Platform Unicorn

Yotpo is a leading eCommerce marketing platform with the most advanced solutions for customer reviews, visual marketing, loyalty, referrals, and SMS marketing.

Anyword (ex Keywee)
The world’s first Language Optimization Platform

Anyword is an AI Performance Writing platform that empowers marketers to create scalable, on-brand content that converts and drives sales. Trained on billions of marketing data points, Anyword offers marketing teams powerful predictive performance scoring and analytics across channels to monitor and improve copy performance in real time. Anyword is loved and trusted by over 1 million marketers and has headquarters in New York and Israel.

IPO and sold to Intel

Mobileye has developed and markets on-chip algorithms for real-time driver assistance systems. The system called AWACS is based on a video camera that detects and warns drivers about deviation from the travel route, distance from neighboring vehicles, etc. The company made the largest Israeli IPO ever in the United States in July 2014 and during 2017 the company was sold to Intel for more than $15 billion.

Sofwave Medical
High-frequency ultrasound that encourages collagen renewal

Sofwave’s Breakthrough Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam technology SUPERB™ was recently FDA cleared for treating fine lines and wrinkles. This non-invasive approach Increases collagen in the skin in a single 30-45 minute treatment.
Sofwave Medical was founded in 2015 by a multidisciplinary team of engineers, physicists and experienced professionals in the aesthetics market. The corporate, R&D, and manufacturing headquarters are in Israel. The company also has offices in California. The Company has turned public at Tel Aviv Stock Exchange on May 2021 (TASE: SOFW).

NYM Health
החברה נסחרת בבורסה בתל אביב (TASE: SOFW)

NYM Health is working to enable fully automated, efficient, and transparent revenue cycle management for healthcare providers. NYM's breakthrough Clinical Language Understanding (CLU) technology allows organizations to code claims without human intervention and achieves accuracy rates of 98% and above.

Circles Support
Impact investment

Circles is a revolutionary emotional support platform that ensures no one has to overcome life’s challenges alone. Circles enables people to be heard, understood, and supported by others who are going through the same issues in their lives, such as the loss of a loved one, parenting issues, or divorce. By connecting users in safe, intimate, and private groups led by professional facilitators, Circles helps people heal.

UpWest Labs
A Silicon Valley technology Fund

UpWest Labs is a seed stage Silicon Valley fund investing in Israel’s most promising entrepreneurs. UpWest is focused on a hands-on approach to supercharge the growth of its startups providing the essential ingredients for success: Seed funding, proximity and access to markets and capital, a supportive community of talented peers and mentors. They operate 4 investment funds led by Gil Ben-Artzi, Shully Galili and Assaf Warhaft.

The first comprehensive digital orthodontic platform

Grin is a comprehensive digital platform that provides orthodontic solutions for all types of teeth straightening needs. The Grin App and Grin Scope connect patients to real orthodontists in their community. Patients can access quality professional care from the convenience of their smart device. Doctors can remotely monitor patients via virtual check-ins for complete visibility—reducing chair time, increasing patient volume, and ensuring safety.

Atomic Growth
Taking your eCommerce business to the next level

Atomic Growth has built a platform that offers a consolidation of fragmented, third-party sellers in an unparalleled initiative of aggregated digital commerce. the company's groundbreaking technology, woven with the threads of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, is set to redefine how multiple brands are managed in a seamless, efficient, and scalable way.

ML Ops Open-Source solution

Allegro.AI helps companies develop, deploy and manage machine & deep learning solutions. With Allegro.AI, organizations bring to market and manage higher quality products, faster and more cost effectively. The company's products are based on Allegro's open-source ML & DL experiment manager and ML-Ops package.

Sold to Medtronic at 2018

Nutrino is a leading provider of nutrition-related data services, analytics, and technologies. The company is building the world’s largest and most adaptable nutrition insights platform. Creators of the FoodPrint™, Nutrino uncovers the invisible connections between people and food to empower better nutritional decisions for better health outcomes. The Company was sold to Medtronic in 2008.

Sold to Huawei during 2016

Established in 2009, HexaTier (formerly GreenSQL) offers greater database security and compliance in the cloud, on-premise and on Database as a Service (DBaaS) platforms with its unified solution that provides database security, dynamic data masking, database activity monitoring and discovery of sensitive data. The company was sold to Huawei in 2016.

Ayehu Software Technologies
IT Automation Leader

Ayehu Software Technologies has developed IT process automation for system downtime. The company's flagship product, eyeShare, reduces mean time to recovery by bridging the gap between critical business situations and relevant human resources. It further helps IT professionals identify and resolve critical incidents up to 90% faster, minimizing their impact on the business and saving time for IT teams. The Company was acquired by Resolve Systems on June 2021.

APM Automation Solutions
Sold to Emerson in 2012

APM Automation Solutions Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and expert in volume and level measurement instrumentation. It is currently part of the Emerson Automation Solutions business following the company acquisition by Emerson in 2012.

270 Surgical
נמכרה לתאגיד אמרסון ב- 2012

270Surgical is dedicated to bringing a new dimension to laparoscopic surgery by introducing a surround-vision experience to the operating room.
The SurroundScope enables a wider viewing field and thus improves the surgeon's abilities - It increases safety, efficiency, raises the learning curve of young surgeons and more.

Luseed Vascular

Developer of a device designed for the treatment of vasculature. The company utilizes a proprietary tissue enhancing technology, using electromagnetic wave emission, designed for controlled vascular remodeling and robust tissue growth, enabling surgeons and radiologists to remodel the structure of blood vessels by increasing their wall thickness.


Intendu has created the first adaptive platform for brain training through movement interaction by using video games designed to rehabilitate people with head injuries in clinics and at home.
The company's team consisted of experts in the fields of neuroscience, cognitive training, occupational therapy, optimization of health services, computer science and computer games.

Tera Group
The world’s 1st commercial Terahertz Platform

The TeraGroup Company offers the world’s 1st commercial Terahertz (300-3,000GHz) platform technology, enabling a multitude of innovative industrial applications. Based in Israel with several global centers we design Tera-based applications in eight major sectors, including: Food & Agriculture, Energy, Industrial, Medical, Pharma, Defense, Space and Electronics.

The company is Public (NASDAQ: MDWD)

MediWound is a fully-integrated biopharmaceutical company focused on developing, manufacturing and commercializing novel therapeutics based on its patented proteolytic enzyme technology to address unmet needs in the fields of severe burns, chronic and other hard-to-heal wounds. MediWound’s first innovative biopharmaceutical product, NexoBrid, non-surgically and rapidly removes burn eschar without harming viable tissue. MediWound’s second innovative product, EscharEx® is a topical biological drug candidate for the debridement of chronic and other hard-to-heal wounds using the same proteolytic enzyme technology as NexoBrid. In 2014 The company turned public on the US Stock Exchange (NASDAQ: MDWD).