Gandyr Foundation believes in the power of partnerships to create broad and deep change on issues relating to young adults in Israel. The foundation creates, promotes and participates in a wide range of collaborative efforts among organizations operating in the civilian, public and philanthropic sectors. Effective collaborations require flexibility, teamwork, mutual trust, and framing the shared vision. Gandyr Foundation is committed to these values in all its activities.

Government partnerships and collaborations

Training Young Adults Unit Managers in local authorities
The Local Councils Center, the Office of Social Equality, the Office for Development of Peripheries, Negev and Galilee, and Gandyr Foundation

An advanced management course for young adults unit managers in the local authorities

Training Social Intervention Coordinators
The Office of Equal Opportunity’s Young Adults Authority, Gandyr Foundation, Young Adults of Israel’s Young Adults Centers Network, local governmental authorities and regional councils

A training and development program to promote social intervention among young adults in the young adults centers, operated by the National Volunteer Council in Israel, and geared to coordinators of social intervention activities in the young adults centers

Young of Mind, الصبايا أولاً
Gandyr Foundation, The Special Operations Foundation of the National Insurance Institute, Together Program, Ministry of Social Affairs, the Israel Volunteerism Network, the Office of Equal Opportunity

The initiative operates active communities for marginalized young women across Israel and creates platforms where they can speak out and lead change in their lives and in their environments

Young Adults The Next Generation!
This initiative is a collaboration between Eretz-Ir Urban Communities, Friends in Nature, the Prime Minister’s Office, Rochlin Foundation, Gandyr Foundation, and local authorities

The initiative focuses on young adults of Ethiopian origin who are at the important crossroads of choosing their futures. A broad range of young adults services are available in Israel, and participants can enjoy their benefits and become involved, leading citizens in their communities

The Opportunity Fund
National Insurance Institute Foundations, UJA Federation, Ted Arison Family Foundation, Charles H. Revson Foundation, Ruderman Family Foundation, Lucius N. Littauer Foundation, Sheatufim Social Impact Strategies, Gandyr Foundation

Works to promote Civic Service among young adults in marginalized sectors of Israel, with the goal of assisting their integration and achieving socio-economic mobility

Galilee Young Adults Network
Future reserves for the north; the Authority for Galilee Development, Division of Young Adults in the Ministry of Development for Peripheries, Negev and Galilee, and Gandyr Foundation

The Galilee Young Adults Network constitutes an infrastructure for influential young adults from the Galilee whose feel a sense of shared regional and governmental responsibility towards improving quality of life, increasing opportunities for Galilee residents, and realizing the region’s assets for inclusive growth

Philanthropic partnerships and collaborations

SVF - Social Venture Fund

Social Initiative Foundation promoting joint equality and society between Jews and Arabs in Israel

Mahalach Foundation

Mahalach works to enhance social organizations sources of funding by developing self-generating income. The objective is to maintain the Israeli social sector’s economic independence and robustness

Partnership Fund
Gandyr Foundation, Bracha Foundation, Blum Foundation, Lautman Foundation, The Rayne Trust

Works to encourage the formation of partnerships and increasing solidary among diverse groups in society while enhancing the perception of justice and equality, respect for the other, and acceptance of difference as an asset, by supporting new initiatives in the field, acknowledging and assisting grass roots processes, and contributing to the development of an ecosystem of living together in Israel

Shahaf Foundation

A unique philanthropic partnership working to reduce disparities and inequalities in Israeli society by supporting, developing and establishing task based communities and promoting multisector partnerships

Localized Communities Network in the Young Adults Centers
Shahaf Foundation, the Washington Federation, Joint Israel, and Gandyr Foundation

The “Localized Communities Network” is a supportive, conceptual and professional home for local task based communities in Israel. Currently 14 localized communities from the social and geographical peripheries belong to the network, and operate jointly with the local Young Adults Center. The network believes that local young adults are agents of change in their communities and the development of community life as the key to developing mutual involvement and social justice


Sheatufim specializes in managing collaborative processes and complex discourse with the goal of promoting social impact. Sheatufim believes that in order to create significant social change, all interested parties in all three sectors must be harnessed towards working together for the sake of the shared goal. Sheatufim therefore aims to provide them with professional tools for working collaboratively, which is always complex and obligates professional, skilled, optimal management